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A professional management firm must be able and prepared to deal with the most important assets in a client's portfolio: your homes and your money. Emiroglu Management Services, LLC manages to its Association clients’ requirements by ensuring that Administrative and Operational needs are taken care of. We manage your money by assuring a comprehensive checks and balances system for accounts receivable and payable is in place and under the supervision of Qualified Professionals. We believe in order to effectively manage a Community Association, a company must have the proper team appropriately deployed. At EM LLC, we endeavor to meet these unique challenges.

EM LLC utilizes a team approach by working closely with your Board of Trustees to provide the management services your community needs.  Our managers provide professional service that assists your association Board with the day-to-day management of the association. We strive to stay abreast of industry standards in order to provide your Homeowner Association with news and resources with homeowner association governance in mind.  An educated community is a strong well equipped community. EM LLC will assist your small business by drafting contracts, creating tailored branding, website development and management, inventory control, to name a few.


Linda S. Emiroglu, MA, CMCA, AMS, founder and president is a two time graduate of George Mason University with a master’s degree in international business and management.  She has served on many board of directors for companies and associations.  She knows your concerns as a Board member and will help you solve them as a community manager.


As your homeowner/condominium association management firm, Emiroglu Management Services, LLC is here to make the Board's job easier by efficiently administering the business affairs of your Association by arranging all meetings, safeguarding minutes and other records, performing full-service accounting, developing and implementing the budget, overseeing vendors to the community, and assisting you with enforcement of the rules and regulations in a uniform and fair fashion.


The Association management industry is constantly changing.  Our managers stay abreast of new developments in the Association management services industry by regularly attending continuing education programs and seminars.

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8 reasons to choose Emiroglu Management Services


We communicate with new owners as often as we can and in a positive way before we have to send out that first violation notice.

  • Emiroglu Management sends out a Welcome Letter within the first 7 days of receiving a settlement package from a new owner.
  • We then follow-up with a phone call to answer any questions the new owner(s) might have.
On an annual basis, we review each standard management service we provide and make at least one improvement in each service that will impact the association residents in a positive way.
WE are always looking for ways to continually educate board members.
“Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate”.  Angry owners often become angry board members so we strive to resolve to reduce the number of angry owners by identifying who they are and addressing their issues in a win-win way.
WE conduct quarterly or bi-annual contract performance with board members.  This way, all parties are aware of issues and/or concerns which can then be addressed before contract renewal.
WE also conduct the same performance meeting with your prime contractors.  Regular meetings allow us to compliment good service and alleviate non-performers.
With so much information to manage in our industry, it is important to get a handle on information overload.  We do this by staying organized.
Lastly, and the hardest is not feeling guilty about turning off the computer and cell phone at a set time.  But the result, the fresher we are, the better service we will provide to you our client.

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