Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do when I sell my home?

In accordance with the Virginia Condominium Act, Section 55-7997, the Virginia Property Owners Association Act, Section 55-512, the District of Columbia Condominium Act, Section 42-1904.11, and the Maryland Homeowners Association Act, Sections 11B-105 and 11B-106, all homeowners/condo owners need to obtain disclosure documents for your property prior to selling. These are legal documents that disclose all information pertinent to your property to the prospective buyer.   Each jurisdiction has a timeline that must be met.  VA is 14 days, DC is 10 days, and MD is 20 days.

How do I obtain a Disclosure Packet?

To order a Resale/Disclosure Packet, please visit us at 24/7.  The packet must be ordered by the Seller or their Authorized Agent. Please select First Time Users (if you haven’t used this system before); select Homeowners; Order Forms and documents as part of a real estate transaction and proceed to place your order. Packets can be delivered electronically, by CD or hardcopy paper. Processing time allowed by law (see above for your jurisdictions timeframe) begins from the date of the written request.  The cost of document preparation is $275.00. If your closing date is within your jurisdictions timeframe, documents may be expedited and available in five - seven days; the expediting fee is $50.00.  Please check with the community manager to ensure expediting is available for your property. If you have questions or issues placing your order, please contact CondoCerts at 800-310-6552. 

Please note: As part of the Disclosure packet, an inspection of the exterior of the property to certify that any improvements or alterations made to the unit are not in violation of the Association’s governing documents is required. A representative from the management company or a Board member may have to enter onto your property to perform the required inspection.  This is completed during your jurisdictions processing period and EM LLC does not set up appointments for inspections. All homeowner/condo assessment fees should be paid before ordering Disclosure documents, as unpaid assessments will be recorded in the documents. All overpaid assessments will be reimbursed at the time of settlement. EM LLC does not issue reimbursement checks.

What is the procedure for Condominium, PUD and FHA Spot Approval questionnaires?

Questionnaires of more than six questions require a $100.00 fee to process. FHA questionnaires require a $150.00 fee to process. The form and check must be received together to process. If the questionnaire is less than 6 questions, you may fax it to 703-793-0801. (Please do not fax questionnaires that are more than 6 questions. The questionnaire will not be filled out until the fee is received.) Mail the questionnaire with check made payable to Emiroglu Management Services LLC to:

Emiroglu Management Services LLC
2465 Centreville Road, Suite J17-209
Herndon, VA 20171

Processing time is 2-4 business days for questionnaires after the payment is received and has cleared. EM LLC uses Electronic Check Conversion (see below). If you need the questionnaire filled out immediately (within 24 - 48 business hours), we offer an Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking account for an additional $15.00. We do not accept credit card payments.

FHA APPROVAL. Some banks have the ability to obtain FHA approval for a project (condominium) internally, by working directly with HUD. This process known as DELRAP, includes the same time and effort as obtaining FHA approval through HUD. EM LLC’s fee to assist your bank perform a condominium review for FHA approval is $350.00.  We supply all documents electronically.  Hard copies are at our standard rate. In addition, the FHA questionnaire processing fee is $150.00.  EM LLC strongly recommends that you have your communities attorney review all documents prior to submitting for approval to ensure compliance with all current laws.

How do I obtain assessment information?

Fax in your request to our office EM LLC at: 703-793-0801. Information will be faxed back within 24-48 hours. Please include your fax number, homeowner's property address and the homeowner's name on the request.


What constitutes an emergency?

If there is an after hours emergency involving risk to life or limb, please call 911.  If there is an after hours emergency to common area property (i.e. leaking roof or siding, tree down on a building), please call 703-793-0801 and leave a message to include the emergency, your name, association’s name, property address and a phone number where we can reach you.  The service will page us.  Having your vehicle towed is not an emergency (see below). We will return calls regarding towing the next business day.

What do I do if my vehicle is towed?

First, contact your local police to ensure that your car was towed and not stolen. If the vehicle was towed, the police will have a report on file.

If your vehicle has been towed, please see the sign for the Towing Company at the entrance to your property and call them directly.    There is a towing fee charged to the vehicle owner.

Vehicles are towed in accordance with your Associations’ towing policy.  Common reasons for vehicles being towed are as follows:

  1. The vehicle is improperly parked (in someone else's reserved parking space, on common ground, in a fire lane or taking up more than one parking space).
  2. The vehicle is stored or has not been driven in weeks and appears stored.
  3. The vehicle’s parking tag, license plates or safety inspection has expired or is missing.
  4. The vehicle is either inoperable or a safety hazard (flat or missing tires, broken windows or on a jack).
  5. The vehicle owner is delinquent on their association assessment fees or has not come into compliance with other required payments.

How do I dispose of a large trash item?

For special trash items to be picked up in your area, please call your local trash service.

AAA Trash (703) 818-8222
BFI Trash (703) 560-8866
Caroline Disposal Service (804) 448-5356
KMG Hauling, Inc. (703) 961-1100
Olivo Trash Service (703)237-1139
Potomac Disposal Services (703) 560-8866
Tenleytown Trash (202) 364-9694
Waste Management (703) 450-5950
American Disposal (703) 368-0500

For specific information on trash pick-up days in your community, please contact your trash company directly or EM LLC at 703-737-0072.   You may also check your Association’s information under Our Communities

What should I do if I want to make some changes to the exterior of my home (fence, deck etc.)?

All exterior changes need to be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (if applicable) or your Board of Directors for your homeowner's association. Please fill out an architectural modification application form available by logging into your Association under Our Communities or by contacting the office at 703-737-0072. It is important to review your Association's architectural guidelines before filing for any architectural changes. You may find a copy of the guidelines in your Disclosure Packet or login to your association under Our Communities. Architectural reviews usually take up to 45 days.  Please call the office only if your repair is of an urgent nature as the applications are approved by your volunteer Board or Committee.

How do I make an assessment payment?

Emiroglu Management Services offers homeowners the ability to pay assessments either by mail or online via e-check or credit card.

Can my late payment fees be waived, and if so how?
Late payment fees can ONLY be waived by your Board of Directors, not Management.  Please put your request in writing and send by email to or by mail to our postage address.  Management will either forward to the Board if a meeting is not scheduled or discuss at the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting.
Are you having issues with Noise Disturbances?
Call the local police non-emergency number and log a complaint.  Please make sure you have the address of the offender and provide the police with as much information as possible.

Mail-In Payment Information:

Please note that the address for submitting your Annual homeowner or condo fee is as follows:

c/o Emiroglu Management Services LLC
PO Box 65731
Phoenix, AZ 85082-5731

In the Account sub-line (if you are using your online bank service) or in the Memo field, please use your assigned account number which begins with a derivative of your Association name. Unfortunately, processing of your account could be delay and may result in late payment charges if you do not use the assigned account number.  Please call the office at (703) 737-0072 if you do not have this number.

On-Line Payment Information:

Through Mutual of Omaha Bank, we offer homeowners the ability to pay assessments online via e-check or credit card.

Click here to make a payment on-line.

What is Electronic Check Conversion (ECC)?

Electronic Check Conversion uses your check as a source of information- the check number, your account number, and the routing number that identifies your financial institution. This information is used to make a one-time electronic payment from your account-an electronic fund transfer. The check itself is not the method of payment. EM LLC uses electronic check conversion when association assessment payments are received by check in our office.

How will I know that my check is being used for electronic check conversion?

When you provide your check, you must be given notice that information from your check will be used to make an electronic payment from your account. This notice is required by federal law, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation E. Notice may be provided in different ways such as posting a sign or giving a written notice. EM LLC uses electronic check conversion when association assessment payments are received by check in our office.

Can electronic check conversion occur if I mail a check to pay a bill?

Yes. If written notice accompanies your bill telling you that when you mail a check, information from that check will be used to make an electronic payment from your account and you then send a check, you have agreed to electronic check conversion. However, you will not receive a receipt. Your check will not be returned to you with your account statement from your financial institution because the transaction was processed as an electronic fund transfer, not as a check transaction. EM LLC uses electronic check conversion when association assessment payments are received by check in our office.

Please be sure you have enough money in your account when you mail your check, keep records of your payments, and check your account statements from your financial institution to make sure the amounts charged are correct.

What are the differences between electronic check conversion and using my check as payment?

Your electronic transaction may be processed faster than a check. Be sure you have enough money in your account at the time you mail your check.

You have different consumer rights with an electronic check conversion transaction than when you use your check as payment. For example, with electronic check conversion, you have the right to an investigation by your financial institution when an error occurs.

You have the right to ask your financial institution to investigate any electronic fund transfers from your account that you believe are unauthorized or incorrect.

What if I don't want my check to be used for electronic check conversion?

If you don't want your check to be used for electronic check conversion, you may have to provide another form of payment (for example Debit Card or Credit Card).   You may pay by E-Check or Credit Card through your Associations bank at

What should I do if I have a problem with an electronic check conversion transaction?

Always review your account statement from your financial institution. You should immediately contact your financial institution if you see a problem. You have 60 days (from the date your statement was sent) to notify the financial institution of the problem. The financial institution may take up to 45 days from the time of your notification to complete its investigation.

Where can I get more information on electronic check conversion?

Contact your financial institution directly.

Where can I file a complaint regarding electronic check conversion?

Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580
Toll Free: (877-382-4357)
Web Site:

Also send a copy of your complaint to:

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Division of Consumer and Community Affairs
Washington, DC 20551

For information on state laws that may apply to electronic check conversion, contact your state's consumer protection agency or attorney general's office.

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